Boy Finally Meets World

I just got done with another round of Boy Meets World. I couldn’t resist myself from watching it all over again, specially after going through the much anticipated sequel to the famous 90’s show , Girl Meets World.

Boy, I must say there were so many lessons in the prequel to this era’s Girl Meets World. Feeny never gave up on Shawn, not even once. Eric never changed, he was dumber than dumb, but had a good heart. Cory was as stubborn as one can imagine being. All the characters in the show portrayed one or the other characteristic present in almost every human. Every episode (leaving aside 1 or 2) had a good lesson hidden in it! This show has taught me so many basic lessons about life that I thought to share some with you all.

1. Everyday has something exciting to teach you, you better gear up for it! Whether you are sad or happy, you know you just learned a valuable lesson from that experience.

2. Love never hurts. Its falling in love with the wrong people that hurts. There is no such thing as loneliness. If you are content with the one you love and want to spend your life with him/her, then you’ll be able to conquer every obstacle thrown at you. (Cory and Topanga?! That’s right!)

3.  Everybody needs somebody to believe in them, in order for them to have success in life! If no one believes in you, then you won’t have anyone to tell you what you are capable of doing and what shortcomings you have.

4. We are all here to make mistakes. I mean, honestly speaking, AGE IS A HIGH PRICE TO PAY FOR MATURITY! So, no matter how old you are, you’ll make a lot of mistakes in your life.

5. Nobody is perfect in this world. Perfection is just so overrated. Don’t push yourself to be perfect. Its ok to fail a test or two, its ok to lose out on a job. IT’S OK! If not everybody, a lot of people do get a second chance in life. You just need to positive in life and believe that no matter how tough things are going, everything is going to be O.K.!

6. If you really love someone; admire him/her; or just feel that he/she is an important part of your life…JUST GO AND SAY IT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! If somebody’s important to you, let them know and feel how important they are!

7. Better be safe, rather than being sorry. “Life’s tough, get a helmet.

8. Things change. People change. Relationships change. And that’s a good thing. Because you can’t expect things to stay the same forever. But, what you can expect is to have the people who were with you throughout to be with you as you go through that change.

9. Mr. Feeny: “Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do Good.”
Topanga: “Don’t you mean Do Well?”
Mr. Feeny: “No..I mean Do Good!”

And my personal favorite!


I really wish I could have had a teacher like Mr. Feeny! I mean he knows everything! But, taking nothing away from the teachers I had in my life, I cherish everything they taught me and pray I am able to teach them to my kids as well.

All those who are wondering what the show was about, go on the following link and download the whole series..but let me warn you: ONCE YOU WATCH, YOU JUST CAN’T STOP!

I am looking forward to the sequel. I hope its as good as the original show was. Even though we are in a new millennium, yet, I am hopeful for a good show to watch on TV!

Truth About Lies

Would it really be beneficial to tell the truth or will it eventually end everything? What would you do when you come face to face with the bitter reality?

Is saying the truth always the right thing to do? What would you do when you come across something you were not supposed to come across?

Something your peers or your partner was hiding from you for your own good?

Something that might shake your life up if you came to know about it?

What if your peers or partner feel that you are not ready to experience reality at its best?

What would you do when you come face to face with the bitter reality? Do you just shrug it off and stay in denial by clinging upon the hope string of it being a nightmare for you to forget?

Do you have a plan to figure out a way to confront the ugly truth?

Truth about Lies

For ages now, people (read: partners and friends) have fought with their inner selves about whether to break the news or just keep a hush about it. We all go through this time at least once in our lives when we ask ourselves:

Would it really be beneficial to tell the truth or will it eventually end everything?

When we are being honest, we expose off layers of guilt to others; layers we would rather want to hide. Once exposed, we become weak and vulnerable in front of the ones we care about. We all know that by exposing, we will have to endure the line of fire which will be their reaction to out honesty. So aren’t we better off with engraved past, and twisted confession chits under our beds, or is it better to just let it all out and feel good about life for once? Is it better to die once and for all (emotionally) rather than holding on to the things we don’t like, things that act as a slow poison and kill us every second we breathe for the one we love? Or should we take a stand and demand that we are told the truth, only the truth, and nothing but the whole truth? Should white lie cease to exist?

We all know love is blind. We all, in one way or another, accept that every relationship we get into is based on blind faith. Living things have a tendency of deliberately losing their senses when it comes to relationships. Many a times a lot of things hurt us to a great extent but we purposely forget them just to hang on to the relationships we so dearly love and care about, ignoring the reality that exists…but is that all we ignore? Deep down, we do have a feeling its not best for us, don’t we? Accepting the reality as its not, is that the sign of a weak bond or a strong one? Is forgiveness and moving on just to be with ones you love, best for everyone? What are these bonds made of anyways? Trust? Honesty? Mutual understanding? Love? Care? Do relationships really stand on these pillars?

I would love to know what you think!

Learn To Appreciate Your Parents

A very young graduate, academically outstanding, applied at a big company for a managerial position. He did score the job; but not without learning the most valuable lesson of his life.

He passed the assessment, cleared the first interview and was called for the final interview with the director of the company.

The CV was filled with academic accolades and achievements. Not even a single year passed when he did not score.

The director started asking the youth:

“Did you ever obtain any scholarships during your academic period?

The youth answered “No, not even a single scholarship”.

The director went on,

“So, your father paid for your education?”

The youth answered,

“No Sir, my father passed away when I was only an year old. I was supported by my mother.”

The director asked,

“Oh Ok. So, Where did your mother work?”

The youth answered,

“My mother worked as a cleaner.”

This prompted the director to request the youth to show his hands.

The youth showed his hands. They were as smooth as a dove.

The director asked,

“Did you ever help your mother with her work?”

The youth answered,

“Never, my mother always wanted me to study and read more books.

Furthermore, my mother can wash clothes faster than me.”

The director said,

“I have a small request. When you go back home today, go and clean your mother’s hands; then come and see me tomorrow morning.”

This instilled a hope in the youth. He thought his chances of landing the job were quite high now. When he went back, he requested his mother to let him clean her hands.

His mother felt strange. She was happy but with mixed feelings inside her. She showed her hands to her son.

As he started cleaning his mother’s hands, he couldn’t stop his tears from flowing.

In many years, it was the first time he had noticed that his mother’s hands were all but smooth. They were so wrinkled and bruised, that every time he cleaned, his mother shivered with pain.

For the first time in many years, the youth realized that it was this pair of hands that raised him to be the high achiever he was. The wrinkles, bruises and years of pain in the mother’s hands were the price the mother had to pay for making his future a success story.

After cleaning his mother’s hands, the youth helped wash all the remaining clothes, did the dishes and all the other household chores for his mother.

Next morning, the youth back went to the director’s office.

As he entered the office, The Director noticed the heavy eyes; he asked:

“Can you tell me what you did and what did you learn yesterday in your house?”

The youth answered,

“I cleaned my mother’s hand, and then finished cleaning all the remaining dishes for her”

The Director asked,

“And how did you feel, can you elaborate please.”

The youth said,


I now know what appreciation is. I would have been a nobody without my mother.


By working with my mother last night and helping her getting the chores done, I realized how difficult it is to get something done on your own.


Last night helped me understand the value and the importance of family relationships.

The director said,

“I wanted to recruit a person who knows what appreciation is, someone who can understand what others are going through, and a person who would put money ahead of ethical and moral values. This is what I am looking for in my manager. You are hired!”

The youth asked in a surprising manner,

“I don’t have much experience and when I walked in yesterday, I didn’t know what appreciation was. I only knew what winning is. So, why would you hire me?”

The Director said,

“I have faith in my company and those who work here. They’ll equip you with all the required experience and skills. You’re a quick learner. But, what they can’t teach you, are: Values; Ethics; Morals; Appreciating others; Helping others; that’s something we all learn in our homes while growing up. Last night, you grew up to be a man. Welcome to my company.”

The youth worked with passion and diligence, achieving accolades after accolades. But most importantly, he achieved the respect of every member of the company.

When I look around myself, I see a lot of children being over protected by their parents. All their wishes being fulfilled and they are given whatever they ask for. Such children start taking everything for granted. They believe they are going to get everything they want just by asking to their parents. They grow up to put themselves before everyone else. They hardly recognize their parents efforts.

When that child goes on to the position of a manager at a company, he/she believes that every person is going to listen to him, and they can never understand the suffering of their employees.

We all have that one person around us who’s extra ordinary when it comes to academics and achievements, yet that person feels lack of achievement in life and wants more and more and more.

They grumble and are full of hatred and compete with everyone for achieving more.

All parents work hard so that their children don’t have to suffer the way they suffered. But, lets face it, are we really doing the right thing here?

There’s no harm in having a big house, giving every kid a car (maybe a driver as well), paying their bills for dining at restaurants and buying them a piano with a tutor or Watch a Big Screen TV with home theater. If you have the resources, fine, you have all the liberty to do what you want.

But, just when you are mowing the lawn, please let them clean the plants. When you get done with your meal, let them wash their Plates and other utensils and let them clean the kitchen table. Make them help their sisters with that. Every once in a while, tell them to take a ride in Public Buses. Just don’t hand everything to them, let them earn the right to have those things. All this is not to make them feel that they are unloved, but only to make them realize that you want to Love them the right way.

You have to make them understand, that no matter how rich their parents are, there will come a day when their hair will turn grey, and then a day will come when they won’t be around anymore. You have to prepare your children for that day. No iPad, iPhone, Android or Lumia can do that. No show on an LED TV or a 3D movie in a home theater can help them understand that. The only thing which can help them, is quality time spent with their family. Because, the most important thing you teach your kid is how to appreciate the efforts and experience the difficulty first hand, and to learn how things are done with the help of others.

I Am Not Depressed

People come up to me and say that “You look so sad, what is wrong?” I probably feel that they referring to my health. Whatever the case maybe, I don’t think I am depressed. I just feel that I am burned out and need a break. I don’t think I am sad either. I am enjoying life and having a great time being the best at what I do. But since a lot of people from my surrounding came up to me and told me, advised me or asked me, I have tried to answer them all with a small poetic response. I hope I am doing justice to poetry here 😀

I am not depressed,

I just feel let down

I feel I am out of scene and over-burned

Seems like I am at second-best, overrated

I feel like an old birthday balloon

That is out of breath, somewhat bated

My rhythm seems out of tune

I hum a song without a sound

lamenting a silent meltdown

I stand at the point of edge

Not concerned about my inability to scathe

I am what comes after

The present, the past

The future

The cries, and the laughter

I am what came before

the purple tears and the midnight train

With the virgin and the whore

I am a distorted painting

Far from the starry night

and understood only by few

Peculiarly containing

A few drops of dew

17 Things You Need To Know In Life To Succeed

  1. Try your ass off for anything you wish to achieve. Give it your best shot. You won’t be disappointed even if you fail.
  2. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Do not keep on repeating them. If you are repeating them again and again, change your attitude!
  3. Nobody is self sufficient, so ask for help whenever you need it. Don’t be ashamed of it. Do not be like a Virgo, they are made to be self sufficient.
  4. Push yourself beyond your own comfort walls, intentionally! You came to this wall by breaking the walls of comfort; what makes you think you will succeed in this world by living in your comfort zone.
  5. The world is a mean and a selfish place. But, make sure you don’t end up taking advantage of those few good people who help you through your hard times by turning into a deaf ear (read cold heart) towards them. They are there for a reason, don’t make them leave for that reason.
  6. Treat others in a kind manner. They can be understanding, when you need someone. Remember, Karma is a bitch. You will be treated the way you are treating those around you. Don’t let reality slap you hard.
  7. Spend. You earn to spend. But be WISE in doing so. You cannot take your wealth with you, but you can take away a lot of blessing owing to the way you have spent your wealth.
  8. Move out and hangout, whenever you can. It will help you move on. You are not made to work 15 or 18 hours a day.
  9. Don’t compare yourself to others. You’ll only be insulting yourself. They are better and special in their own ways. You have something you do not have. Respect that.
  10. Acknowledge the fact that no one wants to be the best analyst. But that doesn’t mean you keep yourself surrounded with mess ALL the time.
  11. Have fun before you start wishing you had fun. There is no age limit to have fun. Do not be too harsh on yourself. Life is not meant to be lived like that.
  12. Work hard. Play harder so that you sleep the hardest!
  13. For every new problem you encounter, remember, there WAS another one which you resolved the last time. So, have faith in your Creator and yourself. HE will not occupy you in a problem you cannot solve. Too idealistic? Think long and hard, have you ever been in a problem you could not solve?
  14. Don’t be afraid of saying Thank You or Sorry, not only to those who matter the most to you, but to those as well whom you don’t know. Sometimes, strangers become the reason why you would want to take that risk in life.
  15. Know this: Whatever is meant to be, no matter what comes, WILL HAPPEN!
  16. Live your life as if you are to die tomorrow. This is an eternal fact, You Only Live Once.
  17. Do not believe everything you see on the media. There is a reason why you have a gooey liquid inside your head. Use it.

The World is Selfish

Some humans create their own storms and then get upset when it actually rains in their part of the world. What they tend to forget is that they were the first ones to actually create a problem that was not there before. The main reason: They are a part of the selfish World. In fact, We all are selfish. We are selfish about our lives and how we are going to end up living it. We damn care about the world around us. We do not care about those around us, not matter how much we say we do. There is a reason why we need to fall in love with ourselves before we actually fall in love with someone else. This basic fact makes the world a selfish place to live and survive. We all know that it is a fight for survival, where everyone is willing to kill to live. Do we care? We damn care!

Selfish World

I never noticed how Selfish people are these days,
including myself.
Even though I try
not to be a follower of the many,
but it seems to be the “in” thing now
I am seen to be a selfless person
Always volunteering for work
And trying my best to listen to everyone
Just being there for them
When they need a shoulder to lean on
But I am no saint.
I am as selfish as anyone out there.
I might even be of the worse kind.
As I do all this because I know I have to.
Once in every one’s life
you try to hide behind something so desperately
That you succeed in doing so,
but then you realize
Your life is starting to revolve around it
Not because of your selflessness
But of your lies
And of your selfishness,
And with time, you come to know
There’s no escaping from it.