Learn To Appreciate Your Parents

A very young graduate, academically outstanding, applied at a big company for a managerial position. He did score the job; but not without learning the most valuable lesson of his life.

He passed the assessment, cleared the first interview and was called for the final interview with the director of the company.

The CV was filled with academic accolades and achievements. Not even a single year passed when he did not score.

The director started asking the youth:

“Did you ever obtain any scholarships during your academic period?

The youth answered “No, not even a single scholarship”.

The director went on,

“So, your father paid for your education?”

The youth answered,

“No Sir, my father passed away when I was only an year old. I was supported by my mother.”

The director asked,

“Oh Ok. So, Where did your mother work?”

The youth answered,

“My mother worked as a cleaner.”

This prompted the director to request the youth to show his hands.

The youth showed his hands. They were as smooth as a dove.

The director asked,

“Did you ever help your mother with her work?”

The youth answered,

“Never, my mother always wanted me to study and read more books.

Furthermore, my mother can wash clothes faster than me.”

The director said,

“I have a small request. When you go back home today, go and clean your mother’s hands; then come and see me tomorrow morning.”

This instilled a hope in the youth. He thought his chances of landing the job were quite high now. When he went back, he requested his mother to let him clean her hands.

His mother felt strange. She was happy but with mixed feelings inside her. She showed her hands to her son.

As he started cleaning his mother’s hands, he couldn’t stop his tears from flowing.

In many years, it was the first time he had noticed that his mother’s hands were all but smooth. They were so wrinkled and bruised, that every time he cleaned, his mother shivered with pain.

For the first time in many years, the youth realized that it was this pair of hands that raised him to be the high achiever he was. The wrinkles, bruises and years of pain in the mother’s hands were the price the mother had to pay for making his future a success story.

After cleaning his mother’s hands, the youth helped wash all the remaining clothes, did the dishes and all the other household chores for his mother.

Next morning, the youth back went to the director’s office.

As he entered the office, The Director noticed the heavy eyes; he asked:

“Can you tell me what you did and what did you learn yesterday in your house?”

The youth answered,

“I cleaned my mother’s hand, and then finished cleaning all the remaining dishes for her”

The Director asked,

“And how did you feel, can you elaborate please.”

The youth said,


I now know what appreciation is. I would have been a nobody without my mother.


By working with my mother last night and helping her getting the chores done, I realized how difficult it is to get something done on your own.


Last night helped me understand the value and the importance of family relationships.

The director said,

“I wanted to recruit a person who knows what appreciation is, someone who can understand what others are going through, and a person who would put money ahead of ethical and moral values. This is what I am looking for in my manager. You are hired!”

The youth asked in a surprising manner,

“I don’t have much experience and when I walked in yesterday, I didn’t know what appreciation was. I only knew what winning is. So, why would you hire me?”

The Director said,

“I have faith in my company and those who work here. They’ll equip you with all the required experience and skills. You’re a quick learner. But, what they can’t teach you, are: Values; Ethics; Morals; Appreciating others; Helping others; that’s something we all learn in our homes while growing up. Last night, you grew up to be a man. Welcome to my company.”

The youth worked with passion and diligence, achieving accolades after accolades. But most importantly, he achieved the respect of every member of the company.

When I look around myself, I see a lot of children being over protected by their parents. All their wishes being fulfilled and they are given whatever they ask for. Such children start taking everything for granted. They believe they are going to get everything they want just by asking to their parents. They grow up to put themselves before everyone else. They hardly recognize their parents efforts.

When that child goes on to the position of a manager at a company, he/she believes that every person is going to listen to him, and they can never understand the suffering of their employees.

We all have that one person around us who’s extra ordinary when it comes to academics and achievements, yet that person feels lack of achievement in life and wants more and more and more.

They grumble and are full of hatred and compete with everyone for achieving more.

All parents work hard so that their children don’t have to suffer the way they suffered. But, lets face it, are we really doing the right thing here?

There’s no harm in having a big house, giving every kid a car (maybe a driver as well), paying their bills for dining at restaurants and buying them a piano with a tutor or Watch a Big Screen TV with home theater. If you have the resources, fine, you have all the liberty to do what you want.

But, just when you are mowing the lawn, please let them clean the plants. When you get done with your meal, let them wash their Plates and other utensils and let them clean the kitchen table. Make them help their sisters with that. Every once in a while, tell them to take a ride in Public Buses. Just don’t hand everything to them, let them earn the right to have those things. All this is not to make them feel that they are unloved, but only to make them realize that you want to Love them the right way.

You have to make them understand, that no matter how rich their parents are, there will come a day when their hair will turn grey, and then a day will come when they won’t be around anymore. You have to prepare your children for that day. No iPad, iPhone, Android or Lumia can do that. No show on an LED TV or a 3D movie in a home theater can help them understand that. The only thing which can help them, is quality time spent with their family. Because, the most important thing you teach your kid is how to appreciate the efforts and experience the difficulty first hand, and to learn how things are done with the help of others.

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